1. How is the merchandiser visit performed?

Merchandiser can be automatically called to make a visit to the point of sale via SMS/email. During the visit he/she follows simple instructions displayed on the mobile application which allows the loading procedure to be performed easily, even by an untrained person.

2. How is the sales person visit triggered?

The sales person can check the product stock levels on a given smart device using the Navigator View application, additionally he/she can set up the notifications sent by SMS or email. By choosing an event that triggers alarm (e.g. decrease of the stock level of any product below 20%), the alarm is sent as a notification to pre-defined persons.

3. How is the training for sales person/merchandiser conducted?

The Perfect Data solution is very user-friendly, the use of the system is intuitive and requires no special training. It is enough to install the Navigator Merchandiser application, in which the user undergoes a sequence of steps required to perform the loading procedure. Each step is clearly communicated in the Navigator Merchandiser application.

4. How is the access to data organized?

There are 3 ways of access available today: a) The most-needed information is available round the clock and refreshed every few seconds in the Navigator View mobile app b) The main tool for data analysis is Microsoft’s Power BI program. We have prepared a number of dashboards dedicated for various functions/departments of the company, in addition we can create tailor-made tools on request c) The customer is the owner of all collected data, therefore has the access to raw tabular data in CSV format file.

5. How does the smart equipment work?

Each Perfect Data measuring unit is an autonomous device using weight sensors principles for operation (this is patented Perfect Data solution).

6. If the measurement is made by weight, how are different variants of the products distinguished, i.e. flavors?

The Perfect Data system works on the basis of micro-weighting. We can therefore distinguish almost every variant of the product, e.g. different flavors. The measurement accuracy is adapted to the products nature to obtain the most reliable results.

7. Which platforms do support your applications?

Mobile applications are available on both iOS and Android. The desktop application is prepared for the MS Windows system. Access to Power Bi is possible from any device through the website or Microsoft mobile application.

8. How do you manage access to the data?

There are clear access rights for each user in line with the client’s guidelines. The entire system is built as an environment of various applications dedicated to pre-defined users’ groups.

9. How is the smart equipment delivered/placed?

Installation and start-up of the smart equipment in the shop is carried out by Perfect Data staff, as well as in case of the service need and movement/withdrawal of the device.

10. What is the cost of Perfect Data solution?

The cost of using your Perfect Data System depends on critical factors i.e. needed functionality, type and number of devices, contract duration, number of users, configuration of Customer’s dedicated MS Azure environment, etc. All these elements are individually agreed on during the design and contracting phase.

11. What is the energy consumption of smart equipment?

Our smart device uses between 3 – 20 kWh per month. The maximum energy consumption reaches 20 kWh when equipped with LED lightning and an 10-inch LCD screen.

12. What do you mean by "remote marketing content" management?

You can change the adds/movies displayed on the LCD screen and the color of LED lighting using the desktop application. Changes can be made online or programmed as per pre-defined schedule (specific hours and days of the week).

13. Is WiFi access a must?

The smart devices are free-standing and independent. They communicate using the built-in SIM card. There is only access to the power supply needed (100-240V).

14. I do not need LCD and lighting on smart stand/display – can I just get the data I need?

LCD screen and LED lighting is an optional accessory. The heart of the Perfect Data solution is the measuring system.

15. What to do if planogram change is needed?

Changes to the planogram are made remotely via desktop application which is user-friendly and intuitive. Merchandiser who follows the instructions in the application will arrange the products in a new way. Change in sale calculation starts when the equipment is loaded based on new planogram.

16. What is the formula for Forward Stock calculation?

The current Forward Stock indicator is calculated based on average sales for last 7 days.

17. Can I load the smart equipment without merchandiser application?

Yes, you can add a product without access to the application, the system recognizes such loads, however we lose the information who did it.

18. Can I design my own graphics for smart stand/display?

The customer can apply own graphic designs for topper, footer, shelf liners and side walls of smart stand/display. We deal with the production of graphics and their placement.

19. What is the flexibility of shelves set up?

The distance between the shelves is adjustable. By default, the system supports 1 to 5 shelves on one smart equipment.

20. Is it possible to report a merchandising visit without being physically at the stand/display, i.e. using the archived photo?

Each load is analyzed by the system. If no product has been loaded, the application requests confirming the physical presence of person by moving the product on the shelf. Pictures can not be selected from the gallery on the phone – the camera must be used to close the physical visit.